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Focus on
Business Objectives

Purposeful Agile Transformation

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Business Outcomes

Many organizations are focused on market responsiveness and speed-to-market. However, there are foundational steps that must be accomplished in your agile practice to get to that level of agile maturity.

Let's identify your business objectives and develop an agile roadmap.


Organizational programs assessments have two gaps. One being that they are so high-level that they don't identify opportunities in program and team execution. Secondly, there is no clear remediation to gaps in the agile practice. 

What we offer are clear action items to address gaps in your agile practice. 

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Path to Agility Roadmap
P2A Roadmap.png


Most organizations don't even have a clear vision as to where they are at on their agile journey. What we offer is a clear vision as to where you are currently, where you are headed and steps that must be taken to get to different stages in agile development.

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Path to Agility Practitioner

Duane Nicholson is a Path to Agility Practitioner. Let's get an agile assessment started for you and your organization.

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