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Agile Program Management Office (PMO)

Whether you are managing projects and/or products we have a solution for standing up programs that increase

Program Stucture

Defining the purview of the program.

Establishing Lite Governance

Often times programs have too much governance which cause delays in overall throughput. Let's analyze the effectiveness of your program.

Business Case & Priorities

Often organizations don't have a systematic system for determining the key drivers for starting a project/program and ensuring alignment across all products or projects.

Budgeting & Execution

Leveraging expected outcomes, we develop Agile Assessments that surface the agility of teams, programs and organizations. 


We measure key performance indicators (KPI) that lead to more predictability so that we are more responsiveness to market needs. 

Continuous Improvement

We help to instill a continuous improvement attitude throughout the program.

What Our Clients Say

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