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Working Together

The Program

Our Scrum Master as a Service Program is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of PMO and Technical Directors who operate within tight delivery timelines and face constraints in developing and training new employees. Through this tailored program, we offer a strategic solution to support your objectives while optimizing resource utilization and enhancing project efficiency.


Within a mere 30 days, we facilitate the development of clearly defined goals and aligned expectations for your team. This strategic approach promotes autonomy while mitigating the potential for chaos, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Backlog Management

Enhances communication, minimizes errors, proactively addresses challenges, and strategically plans for improved outcomes in just 60 days, resulting in smoother operations with reduced friction.


In just 60 days, the team harnesses past delivery data of potentially shippable product increments to confidently predict future deliveries. This enhances cadence and minimizes obstacles along the way, ensuring smoother progress.


Within 90 days, we implement a process of ongoing forecasting for program and product planning, utilizing pertinent data in collaboration with stakeholders. This approach is aimed at maximizing incremental value delivery while ensuring clear visibility, fostering informed decision-making, and promoting collaboration, thus reducing chaos and facilitating effective trade-off decisions.


In a span of 90 days, teams cultivate a reliable and predictable delivery rhythm, facilitating the organization in making informed business decisions with confidence. This progress is achieved without the necessity for extensive training, a diminished reliance on external resourcing, and with a notable uplift in advanced soft skills, all contributing to a more collaborative and effective work environment.


In just 60 days, we establish a transparent workflow where all planned, in-progress, and completed tasks are readily visible and consistently reviewed with actively involved stakeholders. This approach minimizes resistance and fosters a. collaborative environment conducive to achieving project success

Feedback Loop

Within a 90-day timeframe, we collaboratively establish and uphold practices aimed at offering real-time visibility into the quality of work produced, thus reducing uncertainty. This proactive approach ensures that stakeholders have timely access to accurate information, facilitating more confident decision-making processes.

Shippable Products

Deliver a concise, potentially shippable increment of work that adds tangible business value to your customers within a 90-day timeframe, all while ensuring clear communication and understanding of the delivered value.

Transparent Reporting Progress

In the span of 90 days, we enable organizations to seamlessly communicate progress on features and initiatives with a significant reduction in trial and error. This fosters a more efficient and effective approach to project management and decision-making

Working Together

Our 90 Day Commitment

  • enables PMO and Technical Directors to enhance predictability swiftly, requiring minimal ramp up time.

  • empowers PMO and Technical Directors to boost predictability without navigating the constraints of the limited Scrum Master talent pool.

  • enables PMO and Technical Directors to enhance predictability while sidestepping the potential issue of discovering that a new hire lacks the essential soft skills and leadership abilities needed to effectively serve as a time coach.

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