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I got stuck with TFS

For all my Toyota peeps this isn't about you. I'm talking about Team Foundation Server (TFS).

According to Microsoft, "TFS provides a set of collaborative software development tools that integrate with your existing IDE or editor" In other words it is great for those who are used to developing with the Visual Studio.

One of the tools that is marketed as part of the solution is the ability to customize agile processes while linking directly to code and builds.

After working with Jira and Agile Accelerator, I have to admit that I was not a fan.

Setting Up Sprints

This is the primary method for creating Sprints. If you are working with multiple teams to complete a larger project effort like I do, then you need to create an iteration path as a child to the Sprint. For example, if you have a Front-End, Billing, Notifications and a Pricing & Configuration team all working on the same project, then you can use the team names.

Optionally, you can create a separate project for each team. However, this will impact how the work is visualized in dashboards later.

Epics, Features, and Stories (aka PBI)

Creating Epics and Features is simple from the Backlog. What I really like is the ability to create items quickly in almost an outline fashion. It's just as simple to create Backlog items or what is referred to as Product Backlog Items (PBIs).

Product Backlog Items (PBIs)

Once you have created PBI titles, you can add additional details to the PBI like the description and the acceptance criteria. If you create the Iteration Paths followed by Epics, Features and Stories using the outline method described previously , the Iteration Path will already be pre-filled.

Like anything new it's difficult to master at first. However, if you look for similarities of what you are used to working with then you'll quickly understand the tool.

If you need help with best practices for writing PBIs or stories, please reach out to me at (949) 328-6093.

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