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Educate Leaders

  • Identify leaders who can set the vision. These leaders need organizational clout, expertise, and have the ability to make quick decisions to be effective at change.


Implementation Plans

  • At minimum you'll need to:

  • when to launch and the cadence of the program

  • schedule training of leaders and stakeholders

  • Establish teams

  • Train Product Owners (POs), Scrum Masters and Architects/Engineers

  • Refine the program backlog

Train Managers &

Team Leaders

  • Educate stakeholders and senior executives on their respective roles and articulate ways for them to support initiatives and remove hurdles. 

Train Team Members

Spend the time to train your teams on

  • demonstrating success in the System Demo

  • refinement of Products/Features, user stories, and validating acceptance criteria 

  • focus on collaboration with other teams 

  • introducing/reinforcing quality practices, including Continuous Integration, Test-Driven Development (TDD).

Identify Value Streams

  • Improve workflow and accelerate time to market by organizing around business value

Agile Execution

Teams need coaching on

  • Planning 

  • Backlog refinement

  • Daily stand-ups 

  • Sprint Reviews 

  • Retrospectives 

  • Scrum-of-Scrums and other coordination meetings


"As a Technology Leader, I need to get my project launched and producing value in 90 days or less."


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