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Employee engagement is a foundation of executing an Agile Transformation Program.

At any age, quiet quitting is getting progressively worse.

Does your leadership style leverage employee development as part of building your organization? If not, how do you augment your strengths with this necessary skill set?

Stay Focused

to increase engagement

In your current work environment, do your teams have the ability to focus?

One of the biggest struggles that I see with most teams is the inability to focus due to competing priorities. The result is that teams are putting out fires rather than focused on product delivery.

Let's fix this issue by organizing all the work and the priories 

Empower Teams

to increase engagement

Are you prepared as a leader to provide teams with the ability to be successful? This includes allowing the team to make day-to-day decisions.


Teams that fear reprisal for making decisions will defer to someone to make decisions to avoid the pain of being penalized.


How is failure viewed in the workplace? Is it a learning opportunity or disciplinary action?

Minimize the Noise

to increase engagement

Seems simple enough. However, if you are in a highly regulated environment it becomes even more difficult to define processes that meets the needs of regulators while also ensuring that you are  delivering.

What are the processes that are impacting your teams?


It's time evaluate, refine and implement.

Coordinate Cross Team Dependencies

In my experience, the biggest issues facing most enterprise organizations is Cross-Team dependency management.

Having the right tools and processes in place to manage the noise is critical to a coordinated delivery.

to increase engagement

Reform Teams

to increase engagement

Establishing teams is critical to successful outcomes.

Not only is it important for teams to establish how they will work together but the team makeup is just as important.

Skillsets and alignment with the value stream are key components of overall success.

Tweak the Value Stream

to increase engagement

What systems do you have in place to ensure a quality delivery?

What are the bottlenecks?

How long does it take to troubleshoot?

What do you plan on doing about it and when?

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