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Stand Ups & Performance

What did you work on? What are you planning to work on? What are your blockers?

Sound familiar? Are you reporting status or using the time to surface blockers?

Here are 5 Signs of team performance that can be observed during the daily stand up:

  1. The Product Owner attends the stand ups regularly. While the PO is optional for these meetings, the Product Owner demonstrates that he/she is part of the team when she attends. As a team, Product Management and the development team are moving toward the goal line!

  2. Simple dialogue. The team communicates less about triggers, lambdas or the dynamo DB. Instead, the team focuses on discussions related to the story. Specifically, how are blockers impacting a specific story, the epic or overall project goal. When you talk about the story from the perspective of the business you have more engagement with your Product Owner. This dialogue helps the Product Owner convey effectiveness and accomplishments in business meetings.

  3. Your team is empowered to share problems. When your team is fearful of a negative reaction, they tend to hide the issues. However, when problems are accepted as a challenge for the team to solve, then issues are surfaced and addressed quickly before the Sprint is impacted.

  4. Individuals offer to help. Although stories are accepted by an individual, the team will work together to resolve stories together. In an environment where management focuses on the number of points allocated, help is not likely to be offered.

  5. The daily stand up occurs regardless of the presence of the Scrum Master. When the team understands the value of the Stand Up, they don't need to be prodded. The team will meet to sort any new issues that have arisen and develop next steps.

In my opinion, the value of a Scrum team is their ability to perform without the presence of what they perceive as management. Equally important is how IT partners perceive performance.

What would you add to or replace on this list?


Have you created a Project Roadmap? Get started here.

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